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Melamine Dishes: Sweet Memories That Will Never Be Forgotten

Melamine dishes are one of the dishes that were very popular in Iran in the past decades. These dishes were the focus of many families due to their high resistance, light weight, and variety of colors and patterns.


History of Melamine Dishes

Melamine was first made in Italy in 1930. This product came to Iran in 1941 and was met with public acceptance. At the time, melamine dishes were produced in different designs and colors, and for this reason, they could be matched with any taste.


Popularity of Melamine Dishes

Melamine dishes were very popular among Iranian families for the following reasons:

* High resistance: Melamine dishes were very resistant to impact, heat, and pressure, and they did not break or crack easily. This feature made them suitable for use in high-risk environments such as restaurants, cafes, and kindergartens.

* Light weight: Melamine dishes were very lightweight due to their plastic components. This feature made them very easy to transport and move.

* Variety of colors and patterns: Melamine dishes were produced in a wide range of colors and patterns. This feature made them possible to match with any decor.


Sweet Memories that Melamine Dishes Created

In addition to their practical features, melamine dishes have also kept sweet memories alive in the minds of many people. Many people return to their childhood and adolescence when they remember Lily and Majnun plates, simple green dishes with a clumsy border, and white bowls with blue terry.

In those days, melamine dishes played an important role in the daily lives of families. These dishes were present at parties, trips, and even in the kitchens of homes.

Melamine dishes are one of the dishes that have created sweet memories for many people in the past decades. With some minor disadvantages, these dishes can still be a good option for people looking for durable, lightweight, and versatile dishes.