Breakfast Buffet

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Friday is the time when we can leave a whole day for ourselves, away from the usual busyness and bustle around us, and spend our day having fun and relaxing by socializing or exercising.

If you are one of those people who appreciate your Fridays and wake up at the crack of dawn, Shamroon Cafe, Bamland branch, is waiting for you with a breakfast table. Here you can enjoy a variety of drinks and delicacies with a unique view of Bamland.

The delicious combination of Shamroon Cafe's breakfast and Bamland's entertainment and sports spaces is enough to have a memorable Friday. Friday after Friday, we have prepared various food and drinks for you with the taste of love and respect, so that the tiredness of the week will go away!

Khwshmzh Hay Sr Sfrh Nashtayy 41c83f21cb.pngHot table

Khachapuri | Fried Eggplant | Meek | Porridge | Outmail | Mirza Ghasemi | Eggplant Curd | Chinese Dumplings | Port Sausage | Finger Sausage | Beans | Lens | Omelet | Liver Potato | Potato Croquettes | Milk Rice | Mexican Corn | Tandoori Potatoes | Cheesy Potatoes| Pumpkin | Vegetables | Spinach Gratin | Eggplant Gratin

Cold table

Cheese | Tabrizi cheese | Cheese with vegetables and walnuts | Tomato | Cucumber | Pasta salad | Pickled cucumber | Dates | Meat ham | Chicken ham | Cream | Chocolate cream | Cube cheese | Indonesian salad | Fruit salad | Honey | Cherry jam | Carrot jam | Balang jam | Arde| Juice | Olive | Butter | Caramel cream | Jelly | Walnut | Corn flakes

Hot and cold drinks

Carrot | Orange | Cherry | Lemon | Mojito | Cold Milk | Tea | Coffee

Fruit, cake and dessert

Pancake and Waffle

Finger Food

Burek Cheese | Toast Test | Meat Ham | Chicken Ham | Hot Dog Roll | Mashed Potatoes with Cheddar Cheese

The hot and fresh omelette is cooked with plenty of fat.

Dywaydr De70531a13.pngFasting time

From early morning to late afternoon (8 to 12) on Fridays and holidays


550 tomans for adults and 275 tomans for children

In order for everyone to have their turn, Shimron will be with you for only 90 minutes during rush hour.

Several times?!

There is no limit to giving flour and eating from this table, so don't drink.

Previous appointment and reservation?


Your step is on our eyes

Of course, for ease of work, if you are coming with a friend, it is better to give us a call.

Bamland's reservation telephone number is also: 09352239444