About us


time is the continuous concept of life and events and is the only source of our memories .good and bad memories that haunt us .imagine a day when there is no memory !the moment that it is not turned into memory is lost , so it 's important to knot our memories in good memories .for us , in the cafe Shemroon , the time of the two is so important that the meaning of time is mixed with you .we have memories together .

we started living in one of shemiran neighbourhoods in 2010 and so far we 've been with you with more than 10 branches in tehran 's memorable neighborhoods .

in the cafe Shemroon we are tend to use the smell of nostalgia and the taste of nostalgia and combining it with your warm presence , we forgive sweet memories again .

our memories are linked to emotions , captured by emotions , and are remembered .in the cafe Shemroon , we try to bring you together into a sweet and permanent memories , by creating a sweet environment , clean drinks and flavors .to have memories that are polished with scents , greenery , and music , and to make you impatient for repetition and Experience .

Shemroon in persian means " high place and the promenade " .in the past , not too far , for a good moment .we are planning to find a place for you .

a glass of tea , a refreshing drink , a fresh and refreshing drink , a fresh or traditional taste of fresh or fresh food , all this excues for the cafe de , to a cheerful conversation , and a few minutes .